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Shipping Policy

Shipping Methods

We can arrange all your shipping requirements from FCL (Full Container Load) to LCL (Less Container Load) as well as airfreight and International post courier. With some products, we can arrange for you to have them as soon as seven to ten working days at your doorstep. The average shipping time to Australia by sea is approximately four weeks, while shipping to America and Europe is six to eight weeks. It all depends on the regularity and availability of shipping lines. (However, due to Covid19 and other international events the time line for the shipment might be longer). When booking your container, we will require some important details from you to ensure it’s a smooth journey from Indonesia to your Port. We need to know all the details of who will handle your shipment on your end and the exact delivery location. We will send you a Shipment Form, and you can fill out all the questions asked on the form. We provide a Certificate of Origin upon request.

Shipping Cost

Shipment by Air: Packing and shipping quotes are provided to you after you placed your order, before we start the production.

Shipment by Sea: Packing and shipping quotes are provided to you after the completion of the production.

Safe Delivery

FCL or Full Container Load shipping is always the safest way to transport your order. All products are securely packed into a single wall or double wall boxes. For the more fragile products like natural stone planters are boxed, and packed into a wooden crate.


As you are purchasing in Indonesia and shipping to another country, the products do not have international warranty. We do not responsible for damaged and/loss products during shipment and/or upon arrival. We suggest you to always purchase an insurance with every order.

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